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Water Mills TRAVEL and the tourist trains welcome you to the beautiful Parga and wish you a Happy Holidays !


to Parga Trains

Tourist trains are comfortable and safe vehicles. They have two wagons of twenty seats each and their speed does not exceed 30 km per hour, so that the passenger who will be informed by our guides about the history and sights of Parga will enjoy the journey.


Discover our excursions

Excursion to the Castle of Ali Pasha

The starting point is above the beach of the town of Parga opposite the islet of Panagia.

2 hours excursion

Guided tour of the Venetian castle of Parga

With the history of the first settlement of the castle and the surrounding area! Walk 400m in the panoramic view from the stop to the castle.

1 hour excursion

The Tour of Parga - Beach of Valtos

You can learn the history of the city in 30 minutes, ending up at the magnificent beach of Valtos, where the Holy Monastery of Vlachades is located.

"Very interesting adventure. It's a good way to take a panoramic trip around Parga and nearby villages, as well as to go to Ali Pasha's castle."

Julia Georgieva

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